»Give a man a mask, and he‘'ll tell you the truth.« Oscar Wilde

Since 2007, creating dialogues and encounters has been at the center of TheatreFragile's work. Throughout productions and the various projects, one’s own personal experiences and human interactions are at the focus.
Throughout the last 10 years of Building Masks and Theatrical Mask play Workshops in intergenerational and intercultural have been the central element and focus of our work.
People and individuals of all all ages and cultural backgrounds are given space to express their stories, their visions and emotions within the public interventions and installations.

Within the performance and mask-play, a platform is given for the participants to experiment and experience with new social interactions. Drawing from their own experiences, power and visible potential in the creative process. Visions, desires and undiscovered sides of the personality come to the surface through the mask and enables a deeper more visible and palpable understanding of humanity. It conceals our habitual masking in everyday life and translates the hidden truth into poetic form.

Mask Building – The Hidden takes Shape

The creative process of working with our hands allows one to explore in the modelling clay the facial expressions that emerge and manifest which are later translated into a wearable mask.

What character traits do we want to see and experience in our mask? What truth is being expressed? What story needs to be told? Which image and idea  would like to show?

Mask play – The discovery of one's own face

Mask play creates amazing and innumerable transformations:  the young man into the mature woman or a strict man to a lively young girl. Whether in love or self-conscious and shy, cheerful or melancholy, thoughtful or superficial - the entire spectrum of the emotional world has expressions. In the mask, the truth and essence of these emotions is revealed, conveyed and experienced through performance.  The mask allows us to be more truthful and pure than without.

Through the workshop we facilitate theatrical techniques, games and exercises to raise physical body awareness and sensibility to the art of mask play.

The training builds understanding for one's own body language and awareness. Together we aim to create a space where we explore sensitivity to oneself and the other players. Enjoyment and curiosity are the best companions in this search.
Tools needed to build characters are taught through individual and group improvisations. Gradually leading to a better understanding of mask performance and play. The goal is to accept the mask, to engage in the moment and to find freedom in it. Figures, characters and scenes evolve through the playing, opening up new insights into the interior truth behind our masks!

Interventions – Poetic Engagements in Public Space

Within the interventions, all participants experience direct interactions with the audience. The mask evokes curiosity, fascination and empathy through its complex tones and emotional levels. Making the viewer a witness to an inner, as well as external, confrontation with the essence of the human experience.

In this shared moment, the masked figures become part of the urban society and can thus touch and shape the place and society. In public spaces, the mask develops its own poetic power. In cityscapes and urban settings, the appearance of the masks creates a direct turning point on the everyday and a platform for an artistic universe.


RESONANCE - Singing & Movement Workshop

3rd + 4th November 2018
1st + 2nd December 2018

A workshop open to all those who are looking for singing and movement and want to discover together the songs of different countries.
TheaterFragile in collaboration with solo singer Laura Bečeić (Detmold College of Music) and choirmaster Caro Krohn, (singer and teacher of the Lichtenberger® Institute) and Landestheater Detmold.

- Admission free -

Location: Hangar 21, Charles-Lindbergh-Ring 10, 32756 Detmold

More information and registration see flyer

AUF UNS ZU (Towards us) - Mask Building & Play Workshop

21st-23rd September 2018 Building Masks
12th-14th October 2018 Building Masks
16th-18th November 2018 Building Masks
14th-16th December 2018 Mask Play with presentation

with Luzie Ackers and Nicole Ratjen
in collaboration with Junges Theater Detmold, Landestheater Detmold

How do we meet each other: on the street, in school, in the supermarket. We get to know each other and answer the same questions: What is your name, your age, your profession, your hobby ..? What can we tell each other beyond that? How would you like to meet someone? Which questions need to be invented for your answers? Can we get to know each other for the first time? Shall we join hands, hug or nod briefly? Which façades do we break in and behind which do we want to hide a bit? For this workshop, we invite young, new and old people to try out the mask construction and masquerade and to meet them.

Fri. 16-19 clock, Sat. 10-14 clock, Sun. 10-14 clock
Location: Hangar 21, Charles-Lindbergh-Ring 10, 32756 Detmold

- Admission free -

Registration at


15.30 Uhr Workshop Presentation
Frankfurter Platz, Braunschweig

More infos:

25.5.2018 Mask Play

Grundschule, Kohren-Sahlis, mit Luzie Ackers

ANGESICHTS - Workshops

Mask Buildung

20. - 22.6. 2017 with Luzie Ackers ·
30.6. - 2.7. 2017 with Luzie Ackers & Nicole Ratjen

Mask Play – The discovery of one's own face

18.- 23. 7. 2017 with Marianne Cornil & Zeljko Marovic

More infos:

Inscription: KulturTeam der Stadt Detmold, Telefon: 05231/977920,

Mask Theatre project @ Spreewald Grundschule Berlin

Video documentation on Vimeo (8 min)


10. – 13.10. 2016

Mask Play – The discovery of one's own face

for kids 10 - 14 years, with and without escape experience
withMarianne Cornil & Luzie Ackers

The workshop ois part of the programm Kulturrucksack.
Hangar 21, Detmold

19.+20.03, 2.+3.04, 16.+17.04 & 7.+8.05 2016

We meet in paradise - Workshop

mit Marianne Cornil and Nicole Ratjen, Zeljko Marovic, Henrike Beran & Doren Gräfendorf
the workshop takes place as recherche and rehearsal of the new version of "We meet in paradise" and will form the Ensemble Detmold for the shows.

Hangar 21, Detmold

12. + 13.01. 2016

Interkulturell Aktiv

with Marianne Cornil

The workshop takes place for "Weiterbildung zu TheaterpädagogIn mit interkultureller Kompetenz"


12. - 15.10. 2015

Wallpaper Workshop

with Marianne Cornil & Silke Meyer

Together with children from Detmold and new migrants, we are talking with the questions: Do you feel at home here? What are your dreams and wishes for the future? ...and create big collages in Street Art Style.

with children 12 - 14 years
12.-15.10. 2015,
11.00 - 16.00 Uhr @ Hangar 21, Detmold
More info and Inscription
Phone: 05231/ 45812-11

30. + 31.05. 2015

Mask Play Workshop @ La Strada Graz, internationale festival

in Kooperation mit dem nigerianischen Künstler Samson Ogiamen, der Grazer Künstlerin Stefanie Oettl und dem Festival la Strada Graz leiten Marianne Cornil und Luzie Ackers Maskenspiel Workshops mit einer Gruppe von Grazern und Zugezogenen. Im Rahmen des Strassentheaterfestivals im August 2015 werden die Teilnehmer im öffentlichen Raum spielen.